Point & Miller


GNR Apartments Ltd


Brand identity
Website design
Digital marketing
Floor plans
Sales suite

Point & Miller is a boutique development of 22 apartments on the corner of Miller Street and Point Chevalier Road. We were engaged by the developer to design marketing collateral for its public launch.

The Unitary Plan and subsequent emergence of apartment developments in Point Chevalier meant that we had to be cognisant of how densification could trigger a negative perception of this project. Our challenge was to ensure that the brand presents itself as inclusive of the wider community and adding to the character of the neighbourhood.

Communicating a positive, neighbourly message was the key driver for our design approach. ‘Welcome to the Fold’ is a phrase we used to create layered meaning. More than just buying a home, buyers are encouraged to feel they are joining two communities - the long-standing community of Point Chevalier and the smaller, future community within the development itself.  

The design was thematically grounded in this concept and informed by the building’s stepped vertical terracotta exterior that gives Point & Miller its unique facade. We engaged material thinking to elevate ‘Welcome to the Fold’ beyond a tagline, by ensuring the design outcomes physically manifested the concept of a fold.

Our scope included key sales tools such as brochure and show suite design to engage potential buyers. Additionally, we created a small-format local guide called ‘The Fold’ - this material was designed to facilitate public awareness of the project through its local dissemination.

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