Exhibit A


Art Direction



A departure from traditional glass gin bottles, Exhibit A commissioned local St Heliers ceramicist, Gidon Bing, to create a bespoke modernist sculpture to hold the small batch-made gin.

We were briefed to create a dynamic work of art for the gin brand. The collaboration was focused on creating digital content that was wholly distinct from other gin artisans, who often place heavy emphasis on Kiwiana symbology and local botanicals as the selling point. We wanted to present a unique, design-focused perspective that celebrates Exhibit A’s handmade bottles as a work of art in its own right.

Composed of a sphere and a cylinder, the forms of the gin bottle pay homage to the Italian Renaissance period in which artists believed that beauty was derived from ideal geometric ratios and proportions. This inspired us to design a rotunda style gallery space which would allow the viewer to get a seamless 360 degree view of the bottle. We created a space that felt enigmatic and contemporary, as if you were in an international gallery.

The story behind the creation of the bottle is told in the main corridor of the gallery. The ceramic moulds represent the slip-cast process of making each bottle. Each is​ numbered and categorised reflecting Exhibit A 's contemporary take on the Dewey Decimal system. No. 580 Gin echoes the 'Plants and Botany' classification within the system.

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